Management consulting refers generally to the provision of business services, but there are numerous specialties, such as information technology consulting, human resource consulting, virtual management consulting and others, many of which overlap, and most of which are offered by the larger diversified consultancies. So-called “boutique” consultancies, however, are smaller organizations focusing upon a few of such specialties.

The 1990s saw an increase in what has been termed a ‘future-based’ approach. This emphasised language and alignment of people within an organization to a common vision of the future of the organization, as set out in the book “Three Laws of Performance”. The essential concept here was that the way people perform is seen to correlate to the way that world occurs for them, and that future-based language could alter the way the future actually occurs for them.

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Our Core Values:-

M –Maximum Benefits

U –Ultimate Source

T –Time and Support

A – Agile

R -Regulatory

E -Enterprise




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Mutare Software Solution Pvt Ltd brings a wide range of solutions to address the information technology needs of diverse business segments.

Several key technologies are used in order to arrive and provide a comprehensive solution that provides maximum value to the customer. Our solutions are geared to provide more value at a less cost using the latest technologies and services.

We can work on a project basis or we can set up an “Offshore Development Team” which will work exclusively for your company to be set up here at Mutare’s premises.You can choose a number of specialists which can be assigned solely for your projects. Every task or project is closely monitored and quality control assured. This is being done by at least weekly status reports and at least monthly schedules which are worked out together with you. Should you need additional resources for a particularly demanding project, you can rest assured that the necessary specialists are available for your service within latest 24 hours.

We are into

  1. IT and Service Partnership (Out Sourcing)
  2. Consulting
  3. Implementations and support
  4. Online Training
  5. Corporate Training


  1. IT and Service Partnership: - Partners like Mutare Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd., can also reduce your costs by carrying out specific services more efficiently than your own staff. Mutare as a Strategic partners can help you to grow your business by enabling you to offer your customers additional products or services. By working in partnership with a product development company,     As service partner Mutare delivers the service on your behalf. This gives you a greater competitive advantage and also provides an additional source of revenue.
  2. Consulting:- Mutare provides IT consulting widely into Technology and Service Consulting capable of handling in all related fields of Technology and newly emerging skills like Mobility,Big Data and Analytics
  3. Implementations and support: - We undertake all implementations and support projects with the help of our well experienced consultants
  4. Online Training: - Our faculty comes with solid implementation experience in the corresponding area of expertise. In SAP we cover all modules. We provide training in more than 60 software modules. Our faculty is practically available on weekends as well. Excellent Marketing team for placement assistance. Interview tips with material.24*7 server access
  5. Corporate Training: - Right skill set and quickly adapting to the new technologies are a few best qualities a company looks for in an individual. We are here to develop those essential skills for you. We always strive to excel and keep you updated with the latest and new emerging technologies.Mutare provides you with the best SAP Online Training Services. We are a reputed online training institute and leading providers for Corporate Training.  Our SAP Corporate Trainings will benefit you in maximizing your ROI. We have a systematic approach of training which will enhance an individual’s skill to perform at their best in a given task. We have industry professionals as expert trainers who include their real time experiences in the teaching methodology. We offer in depth training for all SAP modules, with detailed step by step instruction training manuals. Our corporate training focuses on analyzing the needs of the organization and set the training objectives and finally design and implement our training strategies. With the right trainers and training institutes, the organization will have an impact on overall performance of the management. We are the right choice for your investment, quality and training needs.





While Mutare can help your organization technology to be more competitive in today’s changing market withI services and solutions, our focus on Patient-Centric healthcare is unique in that information and interactions could emanate from the patient, rather than payer or provider. New technologies are harnessed towards the journey to accountable care.


Regulatory pressure builds and industry standards shift – while customer preferences and expectations continue to increase your Banking or Finance business future to meet tomorrow’s challenges with Mutare’s proven expertise, vast experience and innovative solutions.



The accelerated evolution of media and content generates challenges Mutare can help your business  for maximum impact with end-to-end IT services, solutions and consulting. Transform the perception your company delivers and add value today’s end user demands.



Billions of messages spanning the globe in the form of voice, text, data, television and radio are clear evidence of the need to enable communication. Mutare can help yout from the best available technology to meet your communication challenges across computing environments and applications.